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See text after last future meeting listed for time and place of meetings.


June-No meeting
July-No meeting
August 28-No meeting
September 25- Meeting- Cancelled
October 25- Thursday -Meet the Candidates Forum
November 27
December 11

Except as noted, all SMCCA general meetings for 2018 are on Tuesdays in the clubhouse of the Merrick Road Park Golf Course.  Except as noted, the main part of each meeting starts at 7:00pm.  





February 24 -  Guest speakers were the two candidates for the 19th District seat of the Nassau County Legislature: Democrat Rita Kestenbaum and Republican Steve Rhoads. There was an update on the status of the then only proposed 
7-Eleven store at the corner of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike.

March 24 - The agenda  included guest speaker, Mr. Dan Malesardi, a utility program specialist with PSE&G.  Mr. Malesardi explained the electrical service on Long Island and what has been done to make service more resilient in the event of another major storm.  Our new councilwoman, Erin King Sweeney attended to introduce herself to the community.

June 30: This was a "Meet Your Local Officials" meeting.  The officials attending were
State Senator Michael Venditto
State Assemblyman David McDonough
County Legislator Steven Rhoads
Town Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney

August 18:  The topic for discussion was the abandoned houses, aka "zombie houses," that are within our community.  Guests were Legislator Steven Rhoads, Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney, and Building and Sanitation Department officials.

October 27:  Meet the Candidates Night. 

November 24 & December 15: Focus on idea for an active park at Wynsum & Illona


January 28 - Bellmore Merrick Community Reconstruction Committee

April 29 -  Public discussion of proposed 7-Eleven convenience store at the intersection of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike

May 14 -  Public discussion of proposed 7-Eleven convenience store at the intersection of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike

May 27 - Public discussion of proposed 7-Eleven convenience store at the intersection of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike

June 2 -  Public discussion of proposed 7-Eleven convenience store at the intersection of Merrick Road and Babylon Turnpike

June 24 - 1. update for 7 Eleven proposal; 2. update/ abandoned house on corner of Alexis and Clubhouse Rds; 3. proposal for a tax break for veterans; 4. MRIC update; 5. Friends of Cammanns Pond committee update; 6. Bellmore Merrick Community Reconstruction Committee update; 7. NYS Armory update; 8. Historical Society of the Merricks (July 4th event)
9. Franklin M. Soling Memorial Scholarship Award

July 22 - Dakota Design


November 25 - The South Merrick Community Civic Association will be meeting on 
Tuesday, November 25, 8pm at the Merrick Road Park Golf Course 
Clubhouse.  The Board of Trustee's are scheduled to meet beforehand between 7-8pm.

The following issues will be discussed:

1. 7 Eleven proposal update

2. Merrick Road improvements update ( e.g., Merrick Road median at Clubhouse Road, replanting of trees that were recently removed in front of  the GAP storeand the installation of Town digital sign on West Merrick Road.)

3. Abandoned house updates.

4. Recruitment to join "Friends of Cammanns Pond," Neighborhood Watch Program, and Merrick Road Improvement Committee.

5. Community Improvement Committee update.

6. Schedule for 2015 meetings.

All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend to let us know your opinions on the above issues.

Refreshments will be served.

Please call 978-8310 for more information.


January 29 - Visit by NC County Executive Ed Mangano 
February 26 - Misc matters
March 19 - Spring Clean Sweep discussed
April 23  - Gardening After Sandy
May 21 - Misc Updates
July 2 - All Hands Volunteers
August 27 - Project Hope
September 24 - Visits by Dr. Dominick Palma, Superintendent of the Merrick Schools, and Insp. Keechant Sewell, Commanding Officer of the 7th Precinct, NCPD.  The focus was on school safety.
October 29 - Meet the Candidates Night


January 24 - 

Denis Miller, a/k/a the "Floodman," was the primary guest speaker.   Denis is an expert with the required Flood Hazard Insurance that is required for many residents in south Merrick. 


February 28 - Police precinct closures was discussed.  Reps from police leadership and the PBA participated.

March 27 - The South Merrick Community Civic Association hosted an informal discussion forum. 

April 24 -  Merrick Road Improvement discussed

May 22 - The South Merrick Community Civic Association hosted an informal discussion forum.  

June 19 -
 The primary guest speaker was William Varley, president of New York American Water, the company that is now supplying water to the Merricks and surrounding areas.

July 24 - Update by Merrick Road Improvement Committee (MRIC); formation of Friends of Cammann's Pond committee; representatives of Town and County participated. .

August 21

September 11 - Open meeting of the SMCCA Board of Trustees only.

October - Meet the Candidates

December 18 - School Security


May 31: See Press Release

July 26 - Burglaries and Neighborhood Watch

September 20 - Report from the 7th Precinct and a discussion of the situation at Jones Beach with Rafe Lieber of the Alliance to Revitalize Jones Beach. 

October 25 - Meet the candidates night 

November 29 - Visit by Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter to discuss their TNR (capture, neuter, return) program for feral cats and their program for getting animals in their care adopted. 


Merrick Road Improvement

SMCCA has initiated a project to improve the appearance of Merrick Road in Merrick. Following is an excerpt from a letter to Merrick Road Merchants given to each Merchant visited and to be visited by a team from SMCCA currently consisting of SMCCA president Joe Baker and Merrick Road Improvement Committee chair Jennifer Schlesinger.  

Dear Merrick Road Merchant:

The South Merrick Community Civic Association (SMCCA), established in 2006 for the purpose of maintaining and/or improving the quality of life of the residents of South Merrick, recently formed the Merrick Road Improvement Committee (MRIC).  The mission of MRIC is to improve the look and feel of the streetscape along Merrick Road in Merrick.  While a recent Nassau County sponsored revitalization project, including new benches, pavers, and antique street lamps, did improve the appearance of the thoroughfare, more work needs to be done.

We believe that a more attractive street profile will boost community pride, stimulate local shopping, and make South Merrick an even more desirable place to live.  A more inviting and vibrant shopping corridor will inspire Merrick residents to do more of their shopping locally, as well as attract new shoppers to the area from surrounding communities.  We, the residents of South Merrick, share your desire for businesses along Merrick Road to thrive.  Since businesses serving our community enhance our quality of life, we have a vested interest in their success.

To achieve our ambitious goal we will need support and cooperation from the tenants and landlords, as well as the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County.  The local governments have already expressed willingness to assist us when able with respect to issues that fall within their jurisdictions.

We look forward to working together with our partners to make South Merrick a better place to live and shop.

Interfaith Nutrition Network Collection

SMCCA will be collecting food and clothing at all our meetings for the INN(Interfaith Nutrition
Network).  If resident  is unable to attend meetings please call President Joe Baker and he will pickup and deliver to the INN. 

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