Next SMCCA Member Meeting July 30, 2019 Public invited

P. O. Box 381 Merrick, NY 11566 (516) 978-8310

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Historical Society of the Merricks



Flood Relief Coming to Merrick & Bellmore

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 Please be informed that our annual Spring Clean Sweep was held on

Sunday, May 19, 2019  10 am
Cammanns Pond Park

 All residents were welcome to participate & including Scouts, students and other youth groups.
Please call Civic president Joe Baker for more information at 516-978-8310.

 The Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting of our beautiful playground at Wynsum Avenue Park was on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Joe Baker & Councilwoman Erin Sweeney at Ribbon Cutting 

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Joe Baker Man of the Year 2018


Merrick Chamber of Commerce  

Merrick is certainly part of Joe's family's DNA now in their 5th generation residing here.He is proud to have been given the opportunity to give back to the Merrick community through all of community service endeavors including the South Merrick Civic Association, Historical Society of the Merricks, Norman J. Levy Parks & Preserve, Let's Play 11566 Committee and many others.


Merrick Chamber of Commerce | 
Merrick, NY 11566

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Future Meetings



Next Meeting July 30, 2019 Regular SMCCA meeting Public invited as well.


2019 *Please note that several of our planned meeting dates have been changed due to the unavailability of the clubhouse. 

 February 26 -7th Precinct (POP) Problem Oriented Policing  attended and reported to the Community. Also officials from NY American Water  attended to update residents about water conservation & other matters.

March 26 - SMCCA Board Meeting Only - Postponed

April 30- SMCCA Board Meeting Only

 May 30 * SMCCA Board Meeting Only

June 25 SMCCA Board Meeting Only

July 30 -Regular SMCCA Member Meeting-Everyone & Public invited as well.

 The South Merrick Community Civic Association will be  meeting on Tuesday, July 30, 7-9pm at the Merrick Golf ClubhouseThe agenda will include discussion about the recent construction being performed on Merrick Road.
Legislator Steve Rhoads has been invited to answer all questions about the construction and inform us when the project will be completed.
A community update will also be discussed.
All residents are welcome to attend
and discuss this and other issues.
Please join your neighbors with helping to make our community a better place to live.
Refreshments will be served.
Please call SMCCA President Joe Baker at 978-8310 for info.

August 20

September 23 

October 23 * 

November 20 * 

December 18 * 

These reservations may be utilized for public meetings, Board meetings or discussion of community issues as they may occur. 


Except as noted, all SMCCA general meetings for 2019 are on Tuesdays in the clubhouse of the Merrick Road Park Golf Course.  Except as noted, the main part of each meeting starts at 7:00pm

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South Merrick Community Civic Association, Inc.

2550 Clubhouse Road, Merrick, New York 11566, United States

Note this is the address of the Merrick Golf Clubhouse.Not our mailing address. Our mailing address is below. P. O. Box 381 Merrick, NY 11566 (516) 978-8310

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