From the President



May 14, 2016

Dear South Merrick Neighbors,

I recently observed that many of our trees planted along Merrick Road were being removed by the Nassau County Department of Public Works.  After inquiring, I learned that these trees were apparently diseased and had to be removed.  Thanks to my insistence and communication with NCDPW Deputy Commissioner Brian Schneider approximately 15-20 trees have been replaced. 
The old Cypress trees located in front of the GAP store that  have been common on Merrick Road for decades were also removed but replaced with cement !!  I suggested to Mr. Schneider that they also replace these trees or perhaps enhance the area with decorative flowering planters.  Residing in Merrick for 67 years, I remember when Merrick Road was a beautiful two lane road that was enhanced with large shady trees and with a country like feeling and now it is a major artery for vehicular traffic and thriving businesses.  Progress and growth is inevitable but perhaps businesses should take example from those storefronts on Merrick Road that give more thought and consideration as to maintenance and visual attractiveness.  I believe that "Look Good, Feel Good" motto should always be our guide.  Everything else then falls into place such community pride and most importantly, property values.

I have also been in contact with the landlord for the 7-Eleven located on the corner of Babylon Turnpike & Merrick Road and expressed my disappointment with the lack of maintenance with their landscaping.  He promised me that this week he will have his landscapers make the garden more attractive.  In addition, I spoke to the manager of American Water and informed him of resident complaints about the lack of maintenance at their property across from Temple Israel located at Clubhouse Road & Bernard Street.  He promised to hire a landscaping company this week to maintain the lot more frequently.

I would also like to thank Town Supervisor Anthony Santino and Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney for granting our "Let's Play 11566" committee permission to go ahead and pursue fund raising for a proposed playground at the passive park located on Wynsum Avenue.  We must all take advantage of the resources that we are so lucky to have, such as the Norman J. Levy Preserve and Cammanns Pond.

Lastly, I must mention that I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Avi, the owner of all Best Markets.  He apologized for the delay with the Building  Department permits but finally opened on Mothers Day.  While shopping there I met again with Avi and Jay, the store manager and was very impressed with the good selection and fair prices.  I suggested that Avi and Jay attend one our future meetings so that we have the opportunity for us to welcome them to our community.  I will keep in contact with them to let them know of any suggestions that we may have.  Please be fair and give them the chance to get all the kinks out.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to appraise you of some issues that may be unimportant to some but very much so to others.  Collectively, when much is accomplished it can only result in better property values and more importantly a place to call home where we can live and raise a family!

On behalf of the South Merrick Community Civic Association & Board of Directors, I wish all neighbors a safe & fun summer!

Joe Baker

September 14, 2015

Dear Neighbors,

I hope that everyone had a great summer!  As Fall quickly approaches we reflect on all that has occurred during past months.

We usually take a break with hosting our monthly meetings during the summer but one issue had become a concern of many of our residents, therefore we made an exception.  Many residents are concerned about the abandoned homes littering their  neighborhoods. These properties are sometimes described as "Zombie Homes." Some of them are homes damaged by Sandy and others are in the process of litigation or foreclosure proceedings.  We hosted a meeting in August that included Building Department and Sanitation Department officials that gave us an insight as to what they can do to help alleviate this problem. Nassau County Legislator Steve Rhoads and Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney were also on hand.

In other news, the controversial opening of a 7-Eleven on Merrick Road went smoothly with no problems. The franchisee and landlord have cooperated with our civic and have listened to our suggestions.  In addition, I have been informed by the Nassau County Department of Public Works that the trees that have been cut down in front of the GAP will be replaced in the Fall. That's good news considering the many complaints after the old cypress trees were cut down and apparently replaced with cement.

We are looking for volunteers to join our "Friends of Cammanns Pond Committee."  This committee will be helping to insure and preserve this natural beauty that we have in our community.  We are fortunate to have other recreational facilities within our community including Merrick Road Park & Golf Course, Julian Lane Park, and Levy Park & Preserve available to our families.  One of my favorite pastimes on a beautiful day is to walk through the Levy Preserve and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

SMCCA will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in February. It's hard to believe how fast time flies when you're busy.  Our board consists of your neighbors who unselfishly devote their time and energy to help improve our community.Please encourage your neighbors to join our civic and be heard on issues that may be of interest to them.  The opportunity is available and residents should take advantage of the platform that we offer at our monthly meetings. The  more members we have, the more we are heard, after all "Strength Is In Numbers."  I am so proud and honored to have served as president and will continue to help improve the community that many have chosen to raise a family.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions regarding our community. My contact number is 978-8310.


Joe Baker, PresidentSouth Merrick Community Civic Association
June 5, 2015

Dear Neighbors,

            A most deserved summer has arrived with a big welcome!  There are some updates of which I would like for residents to be aware.
            The new 7-Eleven located on Merrick Road is almost ready to open.  The location that had been such an eyesore for too long now includes beautiful landscaping and an eye pleasing construction.  I thank the property owner, Adam Mann, for his communicating with me for any concerns or advice that we as residents may have.  He has promised to introduce me to the franchisee so as to arrange a liaison with him and residents.  Although originally the community was opposed to another 7-Eleven we must now accept what is now our neighbor for the long term and make the best of our relationship.
            Our Merrick Road Improvement Committee (MRIC) has successfully lobbied for the median on West Merrick Road to improve the condition of the Waste Transfer Pump Station building.  Please take note that the fence perimeter has been covered with artificial grass and that multiple trees have been planted there.
            We are pleased that just last month the 200 tulips donated by our civic had bloomed and beautified the triangular median that was covered with asphalt for years.
            Our donation of pansies at the Merrick Road Post Office looks great too!
            We are looking for volunteers to help us continue with making our community look better.  "Look Good, Feel Good" is our motto.
            We will continue our "Spring Clean Sweep" at Cammanns Pond and Julian Lane Park in upcoming weeks.
            Please contact me at 978-8310 if you wish to volunteer.
            Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, 7pm, at the Merrick Road Golf Course Clubhouse.  The subject will be "Meet Your Local Officials."  State, County, and Town elected officials will be on hand to answer questions from residents.

            Wishing All a Happy, Healthy & Safe Summer!

                            Joe Baker
                            SMCCA President

December 17, 2013


Merrick Road Improvement Committee

1. The Nassau County Department of Public Works has recently planted more then 60 trees, 30 at Cammanns Pond Park and 30 on the median located at the western end of Merrick Road at Clubhouse Road.
     In addition, the DPW plans to make the sewage transfer pump station (small brick building located on the median) more attractive by installing a grass like fence covering and planting more shrubs and flowers in the spring.

2. Special Thanks to Mike Izzo, owner of Mike & Marcos Landscape and Design, for his donation of Fall festive gardens at Cammanns Pond Park. He has also donated the beautiful garden located at the entrance to Levy Lakeside School.

3.  The NY American Water Company has cleaned up their property at Clubhouse Road (across from Temple Israel) by removing dead trees, painting the fence and the water tank.

4.  Our Community Improvement Committee has continued to report potholes and deficient street lights. Many illegal commercial signs have also been removed from utility poles.

Special Thanks to MRIC Chair Jennifer Schlesinger and CIC Chair Alan Jasper for their persisting that these issues are resolved.
By working together we can all make Merrick a better community to live and raise a family,

Wishing you and yours a Healthy & Happy New Year!

Joe Baker


December 2011

Fellow Merokeans,

`It's hard to believe that we are reflecting back on another year.  It seems that the past five years have come and gone so fast, but this year, 2011, has certainly been one of great significance.

As we celebrate our five year anniversary, we reflect on the many accomplishments that have been achieved for our wonderful community.  The first thought that comes to mind for me is the relationship that we have built with our local government.  We have earned the respect of our elected officials and have received the attention from them that is required in getting things done.  I would like to thank Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilwoman Angie Cullin for recognizing these accomplishments by their installing a congratulatory sign posted at Merrick and Clubhouse Roads.

        Our liaison with the Town of Hempstead has resulted in continued upgrades at Julian Lane Park, and improvements with our residential streets, lighting, and street signs.  County Legislator Dave Denenberg has also been a close ally by working with us on many local issues.

It's also important that we keep in communication with the 7th Precinct.  I thank Commanding Officer, Inspector Mary Blanthorn, for her cooperation by keeping us informed and updated about local crime issues.

As in past years, we have continued programs such as Neighborhood Watch, "SMCCA Cares," the Franklin M. Soling Memorial Scholarship Award, and the "Spring Clean Sweep," this last item being a part of our Community Improvement Program chaired by board member Alan Jasper who has also been successful in, among other things, having thousands of potholes filled.  Local Boy and Girl Scout troops have assisted us in planting flowers at the Merrick Road Post Office and local parks.

SMCCA has successfully hosted monthly meetings with interesting agendas including, "Meet the Candidates; "History of Merrick," narrated by Judge Medowar; Hurricane Emergency Preparedness, co-hosted by Senator Fuschillo and Assemblyman McDonough; Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with information about required Flood Hazard Insurance; the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter that offered adoptable pets and the "Trap-Neuter-Return" (TNR) program; and many other interesting topics.

SMCCA has also participated in local programs including "Robbies Run,” Merrick Fall Festival, and "Purple Heart Pups.”

We encourage all residents to join with us and help us continue preserving the quality of life in Merrick.  All residents are welcome to attend our meetings and are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to be heard and offer advice and suggestions relating to our community.  Please visit us at or contact us at  Membership applications are available on our website.

On behalf of all members of the South Merrick Community Civic Association, I wish you and your family a very Happy and Joyous Holiday and a Healthy New Year,

Joe Baker, President

May 2011SMCCA CELEBRATES FIVE YEARS   The South Merrick Community Civic Association is celebrating a successful five years by reflecting on many issues and activities that it has been involved in. This not-for-profit community organization consisting of a group of very dedicated residents has accomplished a lot more then it had ever imagined.  Much of this success has been the result of the support of the many members and their families who have turned to this civic for answers to questions about issues with zoning and variances, cell antenna placement, flood hazard insurance, school security , traffic and police issues, and much more.  With our Community Improvement Committee, we have served as a liaison to the Town which has resulted in the repair of hundreds of potholes, damaged street signs, defective street lights and removal of tree branches impeding traffic and pedestrians after a storm.  SMCCA formed the first Neighborhood Watch Program in Merrick which successfully spread to other areas of Merrick. This program has helped serve local law enforcement with the much needed "eyes and ears."  Another success of our civic has been our Parks Committee. New playground apparatus was installed last year.  Additional swings are currently being installed to accomodate the many children who use this popular neighborhood park on a daily basis.   The 1st Annual "Spring Clean Sweep" was successfully started last month when Boy and Girl Scouts and other children assisted in cleaning trash from parks and planted flowers in front of the Post Office and also at the entrance to Merrick Road Park.  As in past years, we will continue to collect food and clothing that we then donate to the Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) located in Freeport who help feed and cloth the needy. This program welcomes donations all year round.   Later this month, we will be presenting a college bound JFK High School senior with the "Franklin M. Soling Memorial Scholarship Award." This award is named in honor of late Frank Soling , who as a long time Merrick resident served as SMCCA Vice President and also as secretary for the Merrick Historical Society.  We are grateful to our local newspapers who have permitted us to use their weekly tabloid as a vessel to notify residents of upcoming meetings and give updates on issues affecting residents.  Our liaison with local government and elected officials has also been advantageous to our objectives as well.  Residents are urged to continue supporting this wonderful organization and when possible attend our monthly meetings held at the Merrick Golf Course Clubhouse. Our meetings are informal and we urge audience input and participation. Please let us know what ideas that you have in making Merrick a better place to live and raise a family. Please check out our website for membership incentive money saving plans and dates for upcoming meetings and events at or call 978-8310.  Thank You for your past and future support.
Joe Baker, President  


June 2010

 Dear Members,

 In February 2006, when the South Merrick Community Civic Association held its very first monthly meeting, a smiling gentleman approached me with a firm handshake and said “Hi, my name is Frank Soling."  He went on to say that he thought that the idea of a community association in South Merrick was a great idea and said that he wanted to get involved.  Well, Frank not only joined but also devoted much of his time in organizing and contributing to our success in what has become an organization with a membership of over 200 residents.

 Frank Soling passed away on June 16th.  He dedicated the last four years of his life serving as our Executive Vice President, and a little later also as Secretary of the Historical Society of the Merricks.  Frank will be missed by all of us who had the privilege to work with him.

 The first half of this year has been one with many issues that we have been involved in. The community has continued its protest of the many cell antennas that were installed last year in close proximity to many homes and schools.  The Town of Hempstead Attorney’s office has retained an outside attorney who is an expert in this field.  He will draft legislation that will hopefully prevent the stealth method used and restrict locations in which the antennas are to be installed.  In addition, a Telecommunications Taskforce was formed consisting of concerned residents that will keep abreast of any such proposals and help keep residents informed.

 Just recently, the Freeport Village Mayor had proposed that he will consider the construction of a Waste to Energy (WTE) incinerator in south Freeport.  This incinerator would increase the already congested traffic on Merrick Road with the probability of 3,200 tons of garbage from other communities being hauled by trucks into Freeport.  There is also a threat of negative environmental impact.  Most likely, barges would also haul trash via our waterways.  We, along with other Merrick civic groups, will continue to oppose such an incinerator.

 I recently met with the Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Christine Grucci, to discuss school security.  There have been many incidents of teens loitering and trespassing on school property after dusk.  We are currently meeting with the police and school officials and are considering all options to prevent such activity.

 As we have done for the past several years, SMCCA donates, plants, and maintains flowers for areas of our community such as the post office, Julian Lane Park, and entrance to Clubhouse Road.

 Our Community Improvement Committee, chaired by Alan Jasper, has succeeded in reporting numerous potholes, damaged street signs, downed tree branches, etc. to Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Angie Cullin, who has been very responsive in notifying the proper departments.  We also work closely with another elected official, Legislator David Denenberg, on the county level.  These liaisons have proven to be advantageous to all residents

.  Another success has been “SMCCA Cares.”  We collect food and clothing donated by residents and bring it to the  Interfaith Nutritional Network (“INN”), located in Freeport. Residents can contact me any time they wish to donate or just bring their donations to our monthly meetings

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning our community.  

            On Behalf of the SMCCA and Board of Directors, we wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy, & Safe Summer.


Joe Baker



December 2009

Dear Members,

 As we are about to enter a new year we have thoughts and reflections of the year past.  Although our organization has existed just under four years, we have achieved much more then we ever anticipated.

 With our membership just under 200 and growing, we have earned the reputation for being the “Voice of South Merrick.”

 Earlier this year we had, on occasion, joined forces with the North Merrick Community Association (NMCA) and thus provided our community with interesting joint meetings where residents had the opportunity to discuss issues that mutually affected all of Merrick.  These meetings resulted in the implementation of the Neighborhood Watch Program in both North and South Merrick.  We also successfully provided an open forum called “Meet the Candidates Night” that enabled residents to meet candidates running for elective office.

 Our coalition with other civic groups strengthened our opposition to the cell antennas that have recently been installed in front of homes and near schools.  We have joined with other civics to oppose the proposed rate hike by Aqua New York, and with them are exploring the suggestion of a government run water district.

 This past June hundreds of parents and children celebrated the new playground apparatus that was installed at Julian Lane Park.  This and other upgrades at this park were made possible due to the diplomatic relationship between our “Parks Committee” and the Town of Hempstead.

 Our prestigious “Community Service Award” has been issued to those who have unselfishly volunteered in making our community a better place to live.  Firefighters, EMT’s and other first responders have been the recipients of this much deserved award.

 Our “Community Improvement Committee” has succeeded in having the Town repair hundreds of reported potholes and damaged street signs too.

 A program was started and appropriately called “SMCCA Cares.”  Throughout the entire year our members donate food and clothing that is then given by us to the needy.

 For the past several years our organization has purchased and planted colorful flowering annuals in the summer and festive mums in the fall displayed in front of the Merrick Road Post Office.  Tulip and daffodil bulbs were also planted at Julian Lane Park and the entrance to Merrick Road Park and Golf Course with the assistance of the Girl Scout Daisy Troop.  This beautification project will undoubtedly enhance these areas of Merrick.

 The entire community is welcome to attend our monthly meetings that include interesting guest speakers, prize drawings, and refreshments. 

 In 2010, we will continue all of the mentioned programs and strive to make our community one of the best on Long Island.  This can only be achieved with your continued support.  PLEASE renew your membership promptly.

 On behalf of our entire membership, I wish you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.


 Joe Baker

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