Issues Past & Present


SMCCA's Recent Activities

 SMCCA's recent activities include the following.

20 At the Wynsum Ave Park at Illona Lane worked to get Playground Equipment for 2- 5 year olds and 5-12 year olds placed in park, a new fence and up graded landscaping developed at the entrances on Wynsum Ave & Illona Lane. This has been accomplished with the assistance of the Let's Play 11566 Committee which has helped fund raise for this project. This new playground  opened after a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 28, 2019 attended by local dignitaries & residents.

19 Adopted Cammanns Pond Park gardens at sign on Merrick Road  & at corner of Lindenmere Dr & Shore Dr, Merrick Post Office planters as well at triangle at Clubhouse Rd & Merrick Rd and planted perennials & annuals at all locations.

18  Replanted flowers at Julian Lane Park, cleaned up Cammanns Pond Park. replanted flowers at the Merrick Post Office and cleaned up side of Merrick Post Office with the assistance of the Merrick Girl Scout Brownie Troop 2412 and Merrick Boy Scout Troop 225 as part of Operation Merrick Clean Sweep each Spring & Fall.

17.  Addressed citizen concerns about cell antennas located in the Merricks.

16.  Developed ongoing & expanding Neighborhood Watch programs in south Merrick.

15.  Planted flowers in front of the Post Office, at the north end of Clubhouse Road  & triangle    (where it intersects Merrick Road), and in Julian Lane Park seasonally.

14.  Obtained improvements to Julian Lane Park, including
a) removal of anti-semitic graffiti,
b) additions to "Jungle Gym," 
c) installation of water fountain,
d) installation of fence around electrical box for safety,
e) painting of perimeter fence,
f) installation of handicap aprons at curb,
g) installation of new trash barrels,
h) installation of new picnic tables,
i) repair of damaged walkways,
j) installation of new seats and chains on swings,
k) installation of new nets for basketball hoops,
l) repainting of bicycle racks,
m) addition of sand to sandbox,
n) replacement of signs,
o) twelve new trees planted, including a blue spruce, 
p) new play equipment for 5-12 year olds erected,
q) additional swing set  erected for 5-12 year olds. ALL DONE

13.  Established a Community Improvements Committee.  Successful activities to date include 
1) three additional trash cans placed at wetlands areas;
2) five "no dumping" signs placed; 
3) twelve "curve" signs placed;
4) over 626 street name signs replaced;All street name signs in South Merrick were upgraded; 
5) over 7,780 potholes reported and repaired;
6) numerous malfunctioning street light locations reported;
7) street repaving locations reported for possible future projects See list #37 below;
8) one street end deteriorated bulkhead reported & repaired;DONE
9) numerous deteriorated storm drains reported; 
10) left turn signals going north and south at Merrick Rd & Hewlett Ave added;  
11) twelve "Children at Play" signs erected; DONE
12) suggested entrance and exit signs on gates to Camman's Park extended fence; DONE
13) suggested Elliot St Preserve sign be erected; DONE
14) suggested Nicole Schiffman Preserve sign be erected on Gary Lane; DONE        
16) suggested tree branches be trimmed on Merrick Road at Holiday Park entrance;
17) two breaks in the wetlands protection  fence  at Brighton  Way &   Lincoln Blvd repaired; 
18) quick response noted to eight LIPA poles leaning with three poles replaced,  one reinforced;
19) urged National Grid to expedite permanent repaving of gas line caused  potholes on Merrick Ave between Berfond Court and Lake End Road & also on Byron Road; 
20) two street name signs relocated for better visibility; 
21)75  potholes at corner of Lake End Rd & Merrick Ave & corner  repaired in response to   
focused action by the civic association; 
22) Sixteen "Children at Play" signs upgraded to reflect current design;.
23) trash can placed in front of Merrick Post Office on Merrick Road;
24) nine Dead End signs replaced; 
25) fifteen 30 mph signs replaced; 
26) suggested Julian Lane for street repaving; DONE
27) numerous tree branch trimming locations reported & corrected around signs;  28) suggested implementing  recycling in Town parks, town facilities, houses of worship and Nassau 's County Camman's Pond. Already implemented at Merrick Town Park, Levy Preserve and Town Golf Course;
29)Trash cans added to Dolphin Ct/Halyard Dr  and John St/James St/ Clubhouse Rd parks;      Recycling box added to John St/James St/Clubhouse Rd & Merrick Town  parks;

30) Nicole Schiffman Preserve sign placed at end of Gary Lane

31) Elliot Street  Preserve sign erected at Elliot St off Lincoln Blvd

32) Recycling containers requested and placed  at Julian Lane Park

33) Sidewalks repaired at Town property on Halyard Dr/Dolphin Ct park and Clubhouse Rd

34) New curbing and sidewalk requested and replaced at Clubhouse Rd & South side of  Merrick Rd

35)Sidewalks repaired at Ilona/Wynsum Ave Park, Dolphin Ct /Halyard Dr Park and Clubhouse Rd/John St Park after notifying Town of the hazardous nature of the sidewalks

36) Requested recycling trash can at Illona La/Wynsum Ave Park DONE

37) Requested from Town numerous streets for repaving :

Brook Park Dr from Merrick Ave to Lindenmere Dr

Bayview Av from Merrick Rd to Elm Pl

Bay Dr from Brook Park Dr to end (cul de sac) Repaved !

Harbor Rd from Bay Dr to end (cul de sac) Cul de sac and Harbor Dr repaved!

Whaleneck Dr from Sans Av to Brighton Way

Charlotte Dr from Whaleneck Dr(Bliss) to Whaleneck Dr(Holland Way)

Corners of Whaleneck Dr  & Charlotte Dr at Bliss Pl & Holland Way 

Valerie Ct from 2873 Valerie Ct to cul de sac Repaved!

Lindenmere Dr from Harbor Rd to Norshon Rd

Helen Ct from Shore Dr to 1877 Helen Ct

George Ct from Shore Dr to 1877 George Ct

Edward La from Shore Dr to Rosebud Av From 1878-1928  Edward La Repaved!

Leonard La from Shore Dr to Rosebud Av

Wynsum Av from Holland Way to Illona La   Ilona La to just past Ellen Dr resurfaced!

Frankel Blvd from Holland Way to Wynsum Av

Leslie La from Rosebud Av to Julian La-Repaved!

Rosebud Av from Julian La to Cynthia La Repaved!

Hewlett Av from Baldwin Ct to Elliot St  Repaved except for small stretch!

Lake End Rd from Merrick Av to Hewlett Av  Merrick Ave/Lake End corner resurfaced!

Elizabeth Ct from Rosebud Av to end by Levy Lakeside School

Dorothy Ct from Rosebud Av to end by Levy Lakeside school

Charles St from Rosebud Av to end by Levy Lakeside school

Elliot St from Hewlett Av to 100 Elliot St

Ellen St from Wynsum Av to Hewlett Av

Donna Dr from Hewlett Av to Halyard Dr

Judith Dr from Wynsum Av to Cheryl Rd

12.  Convinced Omnipoint and Cingular to find alternate locations for cell towers whose original proposed locations were deemed not in the best interest of the community.

11.  Instrumental in forming the new Town of Hempstead Civic Council.

10.  Made a suggestion that initiated the beautification of the westerly entrance to South Merrick at the intersection of Merrick Road and Clubhouse Road.

09.  Expedited the repair of vandalized stop signs by promptly notifying the Town of the damage.

08.  Succeeded in getting a Town Public Safety Digital Speed Monitor placed at various locations about the community.

07.  Monitored the installation of "No Fishing 8pm - 6am" signs at the south end of Merrick Avenue in accordance with a Town resolution to provide the residents of that area with peace and quiet during the overnight hours.

06.  Beautified the area in front of the Post Office on Merrick Road by planting flowers in the previously unused pots in front of the building.

05.  Worked with the County on issues related to the maintenance of Cammanns Pond.

04.  Met with residents to discuss variance issues.

03.  Highlighted the problem of the growing feral feline population with a discussion by a local vet on how to minimize it.

02.  Devoted two meetings to the history of the Merricks with Judge Jerry Medowar as the speaker.

01.  Continued the recognition and support of Jay Pitti in his efforts to make Levy Preserve the great resource it has proven to be.