Julian Lane Park Updates

  Obtained improvements to Julian Lane Park, including 

a) removal of anti-semitic graffiti,

 b) additions to "Jungle Gym"

  c) installation of water fountain, 

d) installation of fence around electrical box for safety, 

e) painting of perimeter fence,

 f) installation of handicap aprons at curb,

 g) installation of new trash barrels, 

h) installation of new picnic tables, 

i) repair of damaged walkways,

 j) installation of new seats and chains on swings, 

k) installation of new nets for basketball hoops, 

l) repainting of bicycle racks,

 m) addition of sand to sandbox,  

n) replacement of signs,  

o) twelve new trees planted, including a blue spruce,  

p) new play equipment for 5-12 year olds erected, 

q) additional swing set  erected for 5-12 year olds. Completed by June 19, 2009 ALL DONE