Membership is on a household basis and can be for one year, at $25; two years, at $45; or three years, at $60.  Each member family (and family member) can participate at the level it (or he or she) prefers.  Just joining is one level of participation because the civic association needs a little money for expenses and the membership dues are the only source of income. Of course, members are encouraged to attend as many of the civic association's meetings as possible to keep informed and provide input. Finally, the civic association is always looking for people to help out with its various projects. 

To join the civic association please send a check, made out to "SMCCA," for the term of membership selected, to SMCCA (Attn: Treasurer), PO Box 381, Merrick, NY 11566, and include your name, address, telephone number, and if you have e-mail, your e-mail address.  None of this information will be made public.  Also, please include any thoughts you might have about how you would like to participate and the kinds of things that you think the civic association should be doing.  If it is convenient you can copy the black text below into a Word document for use as a membership application, or you can click membership application and print..



Name (s) _____________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________


Telephone(s) Home_____________________Cell_____________________________

E-mail address _________________________________________________________

Thoughts, ideas or to volunteer _____________________________________________




Please circle the membership you prefer and send a check, made out to "SMCCA," for the indicated amount to SMCCA, PO Box 381, Merrick, NY 11566.

1-year, $25                                2-years, $45                         3-years, $60