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Neighborhood Watch Program

Along with the North & Central Merrick Civic Association, SMCCA is sponsoring a Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) for the Merricks.  NCMCA will be working on the area north of Sunrise Highway and SMCCA will be working on the area south of Sunrise.  The split was made at Sunrise because that is the boundary between the First Precinct (north) and the Seventh Precinct (south).

The Nassau County Police Department needs your help. They cannot be everywhere.  They need the help of the community to be their eyes and ears.  The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch Program is to alert the police to suspicious activity in your area

The NWP not a vigilante group.  It does not have patrols.  We simply observe our community and call 911 if there is any suspicious activity.

As a participant of the Neighborhood Watch Program, all that is expected of you is to be aware of suspicious activity on your block; to report such activity to the police by calling 911; and, if you wish, to display the window decal.  Basically, if you see something you say something.  As a NWP member you are an observer and reporter only.  You are not to engage or confront anybody.  Know your neighbors and their habits and call 911 if you see anything unusual. 

The NWP is organized by residential blocks.  Each block has a Block Captain.  The Block Captain’s job is to recruit people on the block into the program and to serve as an information conduit to and from the people on his/her block, the police, and the rest of the NWP.  As the program grows there will be Regional Directors, each responsible for a group of blocks.  The Block Captains and Regional Directors will maintain the records necessary to ensure that the information flows quickly, easily, and efficiently

When you join the NWP you will asked to keep your block captain’s phone number handy. Your block captain should be notified of all incidents after you report them to the police via the 911 system.  This will allow him/her to help the rest of the NWP and the police better understand what is happening in the neighborhood.   

For more information  contact the Program Director Howard Seidman .